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2007 Bear Cheerleaders


Who Rocks the House...
     Bears Rock the House!

Cheer Competition Results
Minors: 2nd place
Major JV: received a spirit ribbon
Major Varsity: 3rd place
Senior JV: 1st place
Senior Varsity: 1st place and The Sportsmanship Award
There was a lot of competition, with 8 squads in the minors, 6 in Major JV and Major Varsity, 3 in Senior JV, and 6 in Senior Varsity.
Not only were they all amazing induvidually, but they all came together as a franchise and cheered each other on, and were very enthusiastic about cheering for the other franchises as well. They showed true spirit, sportsmanship, and class.
While the Bears Cheerleaders as a whole did an outstanding job, a special congratulations needs to be given to the 8th grade Senior Varsity----
The girls that make up the Senior Varsity Squad have been the 1st place winners in their divisions (last year they made up the Senior JV, the year before- Major Varsity, etc...) for the past 4 years!!! They are ending the season as the undefeated, reigning champions!! It was a perfect end to their last year of TCYFL Bears Cheerleading!
- Coach Renee

Our Cheerleaders know they can count on our BEAR parents, spectators and friends to help cheer the team on from the stands.
Senior Varsity (8th):
Renee Andersen
Mary Rants
Alex Vaughn
Jordan Benincasa
Senior JV (7th):
Caprice Paduano
Major Varsity (6th):
Debbi Boyd
Jessica McClendon
Major JV(4th/5th):
Molly Crabbe
Minors (2nd/3rd):
Debbi Boyd 
Jessica McClendon

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