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2007 Senior Bears Blue



2007 Senior Blue

Player Number

Offensive Postion

Defensive Position


Chang, Frank


Cross, Dann


Frost, Cameron


Houser, Trevor


Jansen Larry


Jewell, Brendan


Martin, Max


McGregor, Jordan


McMaster, Brent


Mulligan, Tyler


Murphy, Cole


Neal, Austin


Peck, David


Schultz, Conner


Shanafelt, Drew


Tran, Bentley


Wilmovsky, Kuper


Wilmovsky, Conner



Head Coach: Skip Houser
Assistant Coaches: Pat Anderson
Scott Lohr
Dale McMasters
Martin Esparza
Tyler Esparza
Coordinator: Kari Murphy

Coaches Corner

The Blue Bears came ready to play the championship game against the
undeafted and untested Sirens. The Sirens were tested in the opening
series by being denied a first down and turning the ball over to the Bears.
  With good blocking up front by the offensive line, and running by the
backs the Bears moved the ball and struck pay dirt on a pass from
Houser to Frost for the first score of the game.  Unfortuantely the Sirens
defense, (not the touted offense) took control and scored three
touchdowns on take away interceptions and fumbles. The Bear defense held the
Sirens to one offensive score during the game and held them scoreless in
the second half.  Brent McMaster had an interception and Larry Jansen
caused a fumble and recovered it to stop the Sirens as well.

Never giving up the Bears attempted to battle back but with a running
clock and hurried attempts to get on the score board the Sirens played
prevent defense and stifled any efforts.  The Bear offense and defensive
line were in control much of the game though with Schultz, Wilmovsky,
Glander, Martin, McGregor,and backed up by Chang, K. Wilmovsky and
Bently.  The defensive backs and defensive ends, McMaster, Higgs, Jewell,
and Frost, backed up by Cross and Mulligan and Jansan and Murphy backed
up by McGregor also played well giving up only two pass completions for
the game and containing the quarterback.

The sportmanship award was provided to Cameron Frost from the Sirens
and to #34 the running back for the Sirens.

After the game players thanked their parents and supoprters and the
cheerleaders. The coaches would like to join them in their appreciation of
the support and encouragement throughout the season.  The season was a
journey that the players should be proud of and cherish the
relationships they developed and the accomplishements they acheived.




The Blue Bears played an old fashioned (old school), rock 'em - sock
'em, smash mouth football Saturday in the drizzle at Ingersoll stadium in
a heart stopping, adrendaline inducing game.  Hearalded by the old
timers, (mostly coaches) as being in one of the best games they have seen
-- the Bears came away with a 14 to 8 double overtime victory over the
Hawks.  The Hawks were on a fifteen game winning streak and the
defending league champions, (their last loss was to the Bears last year in
their opening game) and were the formidable opponents who had beat the
Bears earlier this season. 

The score was 0 - 0 at the end of regulation, though the Bears
threatened several times in the red zone but could not punch one in.  Using the
entire first quarter on the opening drive, the line of Glander,
Martin, Wilmovsky, McGregor and Schultz were winning the battle in the
They were assisted by tight ends Jewell and Frost, leading the way for
running and blocking backs Jansan, Jewell, McMaster, Murphy, Peck and
Higgs.  Mulligan and Houser handled the quarter back duties with Larry
Jansan running behind McMaster/Murphy/Higgs/Peck -- through, over and
around defenders.  Brendan Jewell had a key screen pass and run to keep a
drive going and McMaster had the longest pass/run of the night called

In overtime Larry rumbled and rambled for the first score from the
twenty-five and in the second overtime McGregor caught a touchdown from
Houser for the game winner after the defense had stopped the Hawks on
their second possession. 

On defense the Bears had their best team effort in tackling and support
of each other with the big guys in the trenches -- Wilmovsky, Glander,
Martin, Chang, and D-ends Murphy and Jansen containing the Hawks
running backs and chasing a wily quarterback all night.  The linebackers
picked up their game and with blitzes from Schultz, Houser and Bently they
supported the d-line well with some big hits.  The corners and
safeties; Higgs, Frost, McMaster and Jewell also had their best game in
blanketing receivers and coming up to help on tackles. 

Cole Murphy received the Hawks team sportsmanship medal and the Bears
voted the center and line defender #51, Josh.

Coach Skip

Bear Blue Game Summary.
The Blue Bears had a great homecoming playing the Timberline Blazers
at Ingersoll and a complete victory -- final score 26 to 6. The Blue
Bears defense got the first stop of the night and kept getting the ball
back to the offense.  D-ends Murphy and Jansen where in the Blazer
backfield all night, frequently meeting at the quaterback. The linebackers
played well in mixing defenses and blizes with Schultz, Houser and
Bently as well as David Peck.  In the middle of the line Max Martin and
Brandon Glander fought through injuries and with help from Change and
Connor Wilmovsky shut down the Blazers forcing them to pass and go outside.
On the corners and safeties; Higgs, Frost, McMaster and Jewell bent
at times but did not break but for one touchdown.  McMaster and Jewell
made stops on several breakaways to save touchdowns.
On offense, Larry Jansan found holes formed by the offensive line and
drug people downfield all night getting into the endzone by running
over defenders.  Brendan Jewell also found holes to dance through and got
free for a touchdown pass from Houser as well. Cameron Frost caught
one also and had Dan Cross filling in at end as well.
Connor Schultz received the Blazer team sportsmanship medal and the
Bears voted the running back and defender #24.

The Blue Bears traveled North, (with a large supporting cast of family
and friends) and played on the fast turf at Redmond High School.  After
stumbling out of the blocks, fumbling twice inside the red zone, the
Bears found their footing and took off. A strong and quick led to a
safety against Redmond for the first two points of the game with Bently
Tran pressuring the backfield.  With pressure up the middle and nowhere to
run -- from the FAB FIVE -- Connor and Kuper Wilmovsky, Frank Chang
and Max Martin and Brendan Glander, Redmond went to the air only to have
Brendan Jewell pick off the pass and run it back to the house.  With
great defensive end work from Larry Jansen, Cole Murphy, and Jordan
McGregor, (and a guest appearance from Kuper Wimovsky at linebacker) the
Remond quarterback was repeatedly sacked and running backs brought down in
the backfield as well as another interception by Brendan Jewell.

On offense Larrry Jansen, David Peck and Brent McMaster ran hard up the
middle and off tackle behind pulling guards Martin and Glander moving
the ball well.  Tyler Mulligan got the Bears in the end zone, for his
first touchdown, after following the offense line led by Connor Shultz
in the middle. Zed Higgs also scored on a nice screen pass from Trevor
Houser for his first score of the year.  Not to be outdone, Jordan
McGregor (on a tackle eligible play) also caught one from Trevor and got
into the endzone for his first touchdown. Another scoring strike through
the air to Cole Murphy.

An unlikely ball carrier Bently Tran also got positive yards. Brendan
Jewell had a nice night of punt and kick off returns while Cameron Frost
made four of five extra points.  The sportsmanship medal was awarded
to the Redmond quarterback and the Redmond team selected Cole Murphy.

Finally, the officials went out of their way to tell our team how well
they played and how clean the game was. Thanks again to the fans who
spent a long drive and evening up North. 

Coach Skip

Week #3 Blue Game Summary.
The undefeated Senior Blue Bears traveled to South Sound Stadium to
 take on the undefeated and defending league champions, the River Ridge
 Hawks. The Bears ran out of time and lost 22-16 but not due to a lack of
 desire, determination and effort.  The Bears probably played their best
 football of the year in many ways but ran into a faster and bigger
 team.  After trailing 16-0 the Bears battled back to tie the game 16-16 but
 with some missed tackles along the way, could not stop some fast and
 talented runners from the Hawks. 
The Bears battled some injuries of players and filled in with everyone
 contributing. The six linemen, Bently, McGregor, Glandon, Martin and
 Wilmovksy and Schultz were in the trenches doing heavy lifting without
 any relief.  Linebackers Schultz, Bently and Houser were busy all night
 in stopping the run and helping on passes as well with each contributing
 to big hits along with defensive ends Jansen and Murphy. The defensive
 backs, Jewell, McMaster, Higgs, Cross, Peck and Mulligan endured a
 talented quaterback with big and fast receivers, breaking up passes and
 making tackles in the secondary.
On offense Cole Murphy and Trevor Houser connected on a nice pass and
 catch for a touchdown and Larry Jansen had some brusing runs, dragging
 defenders for tough yards and a touchdown.  Cameron Frost, Brendan
 Jewell and Zed Higgs also gained postive yards and Cameron kicked both extra
 points with Schultz long snapping and Houser holding. Cameron was
 selected by the Hawks as the sportsman from our team and we selected number
 #44, one of the Hawks running backs.
The entire team was complimented on their courage and the heart they
 displayed in coming back from being behind early as well as overcoming
 injuries and some inadvertant whistles that resulted in disadvantages.
  The Bears played with great heart and desire -- the way football is
 supposed to be played and displayed great sportsmanship.
The players and coaches want to thank the great support they continue
 to receive from the best fans and cheerleaders in the league -- who also
 display great sportsmanship in some adverse conditions.   
Next week the Blue Bears travel to Tumwater for an important game in
 the division at 7:30.  Go Bears!


The Senior Varsity Blue Bears hosted the Balck Hills Wolves in their second game of the year and came away with a victory 14-6.  The Bears defense contained the Wolves much of the game with a strong defensive front, anchored by Connor and Cooper Wilmovsky, Brendan Glander, Max Martin and Jordan McGregor and defensive ends Larry Jansen and Cole Murphy.
Both defensive ends had critical quarter back sacks to thwart Black Hills drives. 
The defensive secondary and line backers had key takcles and big hits, led by Zed Higgs and Bently Tran and an interception by Brendan Jewell.
Receivers Murphy and Cameron Frost each caught touchdown passes from Trevor Houser after strong runs by Jansen and Brendan Jewell.
The kicking game continues to improve with kick and punting being handled by Jansen and coverage by the kick off teams and offensive line, while Cameron Frost connected on an point after touchdown kick.
The Blue Bears take on the defending league champions, River Ridge Hawks this Saturday at 7:30 pm at South Sound Stadium.

The Senior Blue Bears football team traveled south to take on the Yelm Tornadoes at the Yelm High School Stadium.  Supported by traveling family members, they were in for a tornado of a game with lots of excitement keeping them on the edge of their chairs.  The final outcome was Bears 14, Tornadoes 12.  The game was a hard hitting contest with several interceptions, key fourth down runs and a defensive stand by the Bears to preserve the win. 
The Bears opened the game gaining positive yardage through the air with passes from Trevor Houser to Cole Murphy and Cameron Frost. The Yelm defense adjusted and playing with four defensive back and dropping off linebackers and defensive ends the Bears opened the running attack led by Larry Jansen, who pounded the ball inside and had two touchdowns, Brendan Jewell who opened the outside running game and counter attacks, along with a key fourth down reverse play, and Brent McMaster who had the longest run of the night -- a forty yarder to the goal line.
The offensive line -- (which was also our defensive line) was down to five players due to injuries, played with grit and determination against a large and physical Tornado team.  Our defensive line really shined though controlling the Yelm team all night except for one run and one pass play.  Due to injuries and have only 15 players, Connor Wimovsky moved to center right before the game and was supported by guards Bently Tran, also starting right before the game, Brennan Glander, and tackles Max Martin, who moved from guard and played some linebacker also and Jordan McGregor who moved to the line this year and started his first game there. The defensive ends Larry and Cole contained a very quick and elusive pair of runners from Yelm as well.  In the defensive backfield breaking up passes and making saving tackles were Zed Higgs, Cameron Frost and Trevor Houser.
The coaches expressed their appreciation of all the efforts of the players and the support of the fans and look forward to their only scheduled home game at Olympia next Saturday against the Black Hills Wolves.
Thanks and Go Bears.
Coach Skip

"The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender." Vince Lombardi

Game Day Schedule

Date Time Home   Visitor








Yelm HS

 14 - 12






 6 - 14






S. Sound

 16 - 22






Tumwater HS

 20 - 6






Redmond HS

 6 - 40

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