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2006 Major Varsity Bears White


2006 Varsity (6th) White
Head Coach: Dennis Shea
Coordinator: Cathy Shea

Jersey # Last Name First Name
3 Butcher Caleb
5 Loague Elliott
6 Doty Stuart
7 Martin Anthony
11 Williams Kyle
15 Vaughn Casey
18 Chavez Michael
18 Holden Johnathan
21 Shea Neal
23 Coor Noah
25 Bymers Andrew
26 Kinder Joseph
28 Spiller Jake
29 Fish Jimmy
29 Waltrip Stephen
36 Atkins Erick
51 Carrithers Zack
52 Gomez Josh
54 Stock Tanis
55 Lane Griffin
58 Bassett Larkin
66 Durr Jacob
81 Beavers Bruce
81 Phillips Colton


Game Day Schedule
Date Time Home   Visitor Location Score
9/9/2006 1:30PM Rams vs. BEARS White Ingersoll 0-13 BEARS!
9/16/2006 3:00PM BEARS White vs. Wolves Tumwater HS 24-14 BEARS!
9/23/2006 4:30PM BEARS White vs. Sirens Ingersoll 0-7
9/30/2006 4:30PM T-Birds Green vs. BEARS White Tumwater HS 0-6 BEARS!
10/7/2006 1:30PM Hawks vs. BEARS White Ingersoll 20-0 
10/14/2006 3:00PM BEARS White vs. BEARS BLUE Ingersoll 0-13
10/21/2006 1:30PM BEARS White vs. Hawks Ingersoll 0-26

Week 6

Olympia White Bears 0, Blue Bears 13

It was a Bear on Bear matchup this last Saturday at Ingersoll. The Blue Bears wore white throwback jerseys from the Coach Swilley and Shea era. Luckily they didn't have to wear the leather helmets also. The game opened with momentum on the side of the White Bears after the recovery of an onside opening kickoff. The offense took over and drove the ball down to the Blue Bear 15 yard line before being stopped. After that, the Blue Bears dominated the time of possession and managed two scores before the end of the game. It was a bitter sweet ending for the White Bears, on the one hand they get to see their fellow Bears advance in the playoffs and on the other their hunt for the league title is over. Next week the White Bears get a second bite of the apple as they host the Lacey Hawks at Ingersoll Stadium at 1:30pm. The last meeting between these teams was a hard hitting affair and fans should expect the White Bears to come out swinging in hopes of avenging their loss in Week 5.

Go Bears!!!! -Coach Gomez

October 12, 2006
Oly White Bears 0, Lacey Hawks 20
The Hawks came to Ingersoll loaded for "Bear" and as the sun broke from the morning clouds, the stage was set for a hard hitting match between two very physical teams. The White Bears knew that they would have their hands full with a super-talented team that only has allowed 2 points all season. Then again, the White Bears have had to fight hard every game in a league full of good teams. Great competition can only make you better; right... In the first half, both teams stalemated made committed turnovers on offense but only the Hawks were able to capitalize and end the half with six points on the board. The Bear's defense, who was on the field much of the first half, made the Hawks pay for every yard gained. The Bear's offense struggled against the juggernaut defense for the Hawks which showed no signs of weakness against the skilled play calling from the Bear's sideline. The Bears stayed alive in the second half and refused to let the Hawks run away with the game. The Hawks scored an additional two times in the second half, once off a Bear turnover. Coach Shea was impressed with his team's poise and determination. He stressed to his players that the regular season has ended and that now their play must rise to a whole new level. The White Bears, with a third place Major Varsity Southern Division finish, have secured a spot in the championship bracket and will face the Blue Bears who finished second in the Northern Division. This will be an interesting matchup between franchise teams who have scrimmaged each other throughout the season and know each other's personnel and plays very well. Fans should expect these teams to come out hard against each other in what is likely to be a very exciting contest. 
     The White Bears would like to thank parents, family, and friends for their continued support. 
Go Bears!!!! - Coach Gomez  

Week 4

Olympia White Bears 6,

Tumwater Green T-Birds 0

As the White Bears awaited the start of their match against the T-Birds, they watched the last few minutes of the game between the Tumwater Wolves and the Lacey Sirens. The Sirens and White Bears were tied for second place in the TCYFL’s Major Varsity Southern Division. The Sirens were ahead of the Wolves and only needed to run out the clock to win. However, a poorly thrown Siren’s pass in the last minute and a half of the game was returned by the Wolves for a touchdown. The touchdown lifted the Wolves past the Sirens and the ensuing loss gave the White Bears an opportunity to take sole possession of the division’s second play spot and be within reach of the division crown. The only catch was that the White Bears needed to get through the Green T-Birds on their home turf to make that come true. The White Bears struck first off a toss sweep in the first half to produce the game’s only score. In the second half, the Bear offense was off the field much of the time but the defense held, withstanding onslaught after onslaught from a determined Tumwater team, holding them scoreless. The Bears offense did put together an outstanding drive in the fourth quarter moving from deep in their territory down all the way to the Tumwater 20. The entire drive was pounded out on runs, showing just how well the Bear offense can control the line of scrimmage and move the ball. A controversial spot on 4th down turned the ball over to Tumwater thus denying the Bears an opportunity to add to their lead. The outcome of the game was very much in question all the way down to the last few minutes of the game, but the Bear defense rose to the challenge and hung on for the win. Both great defense and offense will be needed next week when the White Bears take on the undefeated Hawks at Ingersoll Stadium at 1:30pm. The winner of that game will be bestowed the title champion.

Go Bears!!! –Coach Gomez

Week 3 Game Summary:  Olympia White Bears 0, Lacey Sirens 7
The Lacey Sirens traveled to Ingersoll Stadium in hopes of improving their 1-1 record in what is sure to be a close race to claim the TCYFL Major Varsity Southern Conference crown.  After week 2, the White Bears and Hawks stood alone as the Southern Conference's unbeaten.  After last week's loss to the Hawks, the Sirens came ready to clean their claws.  The Bears offense faced a very tough Sirens defense but still managed to move the ball well during the first half.  In the second half, the Bears worked hard to make big plays both on the ground and in the air but poor field position hampered their efforts.  On defense, the White Bears continue to manhandle the line of scrimmage and foiled the persistent efforts of the Sirens to make big plays and put the Bears away.  The only score of this defensive struggle came in the first half as a result of good field position when the Sirens returned a punt 40 yards to the Bear's 15 yard line.  Head Coach Dennis Shea was pleased with his team's play and looks forward to the next contest against the Green T-Birds, September 30th at Tumwater Stadium 4:30pm.     
Go Bears!!!!
- David Gomez

September 14, 2006

Varsity White Bears shutdown Rams

The major varsity white bears started the season on a positive note by blanking the rams 13-0. The game was a stale mate for the first half, but the bears started the 2nd half by returning the kickoff for 6. Midway through the 3rd period the bears struck pay dirt again on a play action pass after a time consuming drive. It was followed up by a PAT. Then it was up to the defense to close things out and they did that with a tenacious D line and aggressive play by the LB’s and secondary. The whole team played a major role to preserve the win. Great Job Bears.

- Coach Shea

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