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2006 Bears Senior JV


2006 Senior JV Bears

Senior JV (7th)
Head Coach: Skip Houser
Coordinator: Becky Slosson
Jersey # Last Name First Name
1 McDermott Michael
3 Hower Zak
5 O'Neal-Wright Jaylin
6 Houser Trevor
7 Grosey Stephen
9 Morris Brian
10 McGregor Jordan
11 Bishop Matt
12 Batt Brady
13 Neadham Davis
14 Moiza Carlos
18 Smith Payton
21 Huber Steven
24 Killman Spenser
25 Jewell Brendan
28 Pine Kyle
29 Mulligan Tyler
30 Alguire Nick
31 Higgs Zed
33 Francks Dominick
34 Murphy Cole
35 McMaster Brent
37 Woodruff Clayton
38 Neal Austin
39 Slosson Nate
44 Schultz Conner
51 Tran Bentley
64 Toney Todd
71 Randall Jordan
72 Snodgrass Michael
77 Turnbow Tanner(TJ)
81 Peck David
85 Reed Dylan


Game Day Schedule
Date Time Home   Visitor Location Score
9/9/2006 4:30PM BEARS vs. Hawks Ingersoll 36-20 BEARS!
9/16/2006 4:30PM T-Birds Gold vs. BEARS Ingersoll 13-18 BEARS!
9/23/2006   Bye vs. BEARS   14-12 BEARS!
9/30/2006 3:00PM T-Birds Green vs. BEARS Ingersoll 20-30 BEARS!
10/7/2006 6:00PM BEARS vs. Cougars Ingersoll 33-0 BEARS!
10/14/2006 7:30PM Tornados vs. BEARS Ingersoll 13-24 BEARS!
10/21/2006 6:00PM BEARS vs. Hawks Ingersoll 20-33

Week 5

Undefeated and Playoff Bound!


The Bears 7th grade team finished the regular season undefeated and with an exclamation point by shutting out of the cross town rival Cougars 33-0. Using the entire roster and manufacturing scoring drives by all four quarterbacks the offense was firing on all cylinders. The interior linemen controlled the line of scrimmage on offense allowing for our backs to get deep into the secondary without being touched. Our receivers did an outstanding job of catching everything thrown to them and our quarterbacks provided the leadership to move the ball down the field. An extra effort was exerted this week to ensure we were getting the right players and formations on the field and the result was an almost penalty free game.

     The Defense also rose to challenge and led by the big guys up front shut the Cougars running game down. Our linebackers and defensive backs stepped up as well and shut down the passing attempts and efforts to get outside. The result was a great overall team effort and a shut out— the first of the season.

The playoffs are back and the Bears are ready for the Yelm Tornados and the bright lights of Ingersoll on a Saturday night.

- Coach Skip  

Week 4
Bears win!  Bears win! 
The 7th grade Bears came into their fourth game to face a tough Tumwater Green team.  Relying upon their high powered and multi-faceted offense the Bears rolled to a 30 - 20 victory.  A determined offense line and great down field blocking were the difference in the game. Though down throughout the game, Tumwater Green, who hails, from the other division in the league kept coming back by breaking long runs.  The Bears had scored first though and answered each Tumwater threat with another score. The game highlighted some of the examples of our player's athletic abilities and teamwork.  Unfortunately we also had some mental lapses that led to penalties for not getting the right number of players on the field in time.

The Bears displayed numerous defensive fronts and even more offensive formations and plays this week -- most of which were successful.  By executing the offense, our dedicated fans were treated to runs up the middle and around end, reverses, and short and long passes resulting in touchdowns.  Just as exciting though were the downfield blocks by our receivers, slot backs, pulling lineman and even our quarterbacks.  The 7th graders are looking forward to closing out the regular league schedule with the cross town rival Cougars this week.


September 21, 2006

Victory for the Senior JV Bears


The Bears met the Gold T-Bird team and produced another win 38 to 13. With the exception of the first offensive series, where the Bears had a 65 yard drive only to be denied near the goal line, the offense successfully executed in a variety of formations. It was clearly a team win with all 33 players contributing. Using four different quarterbacks and with 10 different players catching and running the ball, the offense had a well balanced attack. The offensive line continues to work well together and the backs are getting confident in following them downfield. The defense played quite well with only a couple of runs that broke down the sideline.

     Highlights came from some mis-direction plays that resulted in long touchdowns and several more long pass and run scores. The offense also added four more conversions by kicking for the extra 2 points. The Bears are quite proud of the line, long snapper, holder and kicker all working to make this happen at this level. The players lived up to the quote for the game from Ton Landry, “Football is an incredible game. Sometimes it’s so incredible its unbelievable”. The Bears and their fans believe. Though scheduled for a league “bye” game this Saturday, the Bears will be playing a non league game with a visiting 8th grade team from Gig Harbor. Saturday at 7:30 PM at Ingersoll under the lights. Join us if you can. –Coach Skip

September 14, 2006

Senior JV comes away with victory

The Senior Junior Varsity came fired up to play the Hawks, the time they played last year in the Major varsity championship game. The outcome was the same – a victory for the Bears – 36–20. The opening kick-off put the Hawks in hole they couldn’t climb out of and the offense scored in three plays on a five yard touchdown pass. The Defense shut down the Hawks one more time and with the next possession, the Bears went to the air again and scored from 30 yards out. After giving up a touchdown the Bears moved the ball on the ground with four different players unleashing the running game.

The second half saw the Hawks mount a come back until the “O” line took control and again with great downfield blocking and pass protection two more scores came on exciting long runs. Included in the game highlights were the first ever extra points being kicked successfully. After three in a row, one was finally blocked. The game ended on an interception from the Defense caused by some pressure from the “D” line. The coaches reminded the team afterward of the quote of the day for the team by Joe Namath, “If you play with confidence you can have a lot of fun and if you are having fun amazing things can happen.” The Coaches also express their appreciation and thank our amazing fans for their support. 

– Coach Skip

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