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2006 Minor Bears White


2006 Minors (2nd/3rd) White
Head Coach: Keith Mercer
Coordinator: Terri Smistad
Jersey # Last Name First Name
2 Shincke Liam
4 McClure Cameron
5 Davis Skyler
6 Kiley Luke
7 Cusack Zachary
13 Horgdal-Butler Javier
15 Frank Matthew
17 Young  Nolen
22 Mercer Jake
37 Sipe Hunter
39 Murphy Liam
45 Smistad Cristian
51 Hernandez Zaiden
52 Mitchell William
55 Fornara Foster
66 Smith Ryland
69 Waltrip Tyler
77 Montello Michael



Game Day Schedule
Date Time Home   Visitor Location Score
9/9/2006 10:00AM Rams vs. BEARS White Jefferson MS 20-7
9/16/2006 12:30PM BEARS White vs. Wolves Jefferson MS 12-25
9/23/2006 1:45PM BEARS White vs. Sirens Jefferson MS 7-0 BEARS!
9/30/2006 11:15AM T-Birds vs. BEARS White Jefferson MS 13-7
10/7/2006 3:15PM Cougs Gold vs. BEARS White Jefferson MS 0-20 BEARS!
10/14/2006 2:00PM Hawks vs. BEARS White Jefferson MS 20-0
10/21/2006 9:00AM BEARS White vs. Lightning Rainier HS  

Week 4


The White Bears came together as a team on Saturday and played the best over all game of the year! Their opponent was much bigger, faster, and older and they were undefeated but by the end of the game they knew they’d been in a battle.

     The White Bears offensive line fired off the ball, held their blocks and our running backs found the holes. Our outside receivers took on the defensive players with beautifully executed down field blocking.

     The defensive White Bears plugged the holes, shut down the outside and caused confusion in the T-Birds backfield. Our boys played with great enthusiasm, great technique and under control.


Moments of Greatness:


Zachary Cusack with a solid hit causes a fumble and Christian Smistad recovers.

Foster Fornara and William Mitchell make great down field blocks for running back Zaiden Hernandez.

Tyler Waltrip makes a huge down field block to spring Liam Schincke for a 95-yard touch down run.

Jake Mercer makes a sideline saving tackle to keep the T-Birds from scoring.

Christian Smistad recovers a second fumble after Jake Mercer knocks the ball from the T-Bird running back.

Hunter Sipe and Cameron McClure turned the T-Bird running backs interrupting the outside sweeps.

Luke Kiley stepped in and played quarterback, took command of the offense and scored our extra point.

The entire offensive and defensive line without their effort we wouldn’t be a team.

Nolen Young, Ryland Smith, Michael Montello, Xavier Horgdal, Matthew Frand and Skyler Davis.

Quarterback Liam Murphy hurry and get better, you’re needed to complete our team.


GREAT TEAM EFFORT –Coach Keith Mercer

Week 3- Game Day September 23, 2006
Who are we? BEARS   Who are we? BEARS  
That was the cry of the minor division White Bears on Saturday. From the flip of the coin to the last whistle our Bears showed that today was the DAY!
The first drive of the day Liam Schincke ran 40 yards to the one-yard line. Quarterback Liam Murphy then ran around the outside for the touchdown. Zaiden Hernandez then punched it up the middle for the extra point. The offensive line was GREAT, lead by Nolen Young, Zackery Cusack, Michael Montello, Xavier Horgdal and Ryland Smith.
What a defense, the Bears did not allow the Sirens to score. Everyone on defense took part, the line and linebackers plugged up the middle. Our corners and safety turned the Siren running backs inside and with great tackling and effort our Bears held the Sirens to just three first downs.
Moments of Greatness: Liam Schincke 40-yard run. Liam Murphy with a rushing touchdown. Zaiden Hernandez threw a half back pass to Luke Kiley for a 26-yard gain. Zackery Cusack intercepted a Siren hand off for a Bear take-away.
Great job Bears, your effort at practice and this past game day was 
tremendous. We are extremely proud of all you.
                                      Coach Keith Mercer 

September 21, 2006

Minor White Bears took the field ready to play football


Our kids had a great week of practice and were ready to work hard on the field. From the first snap you could see our kids hustling, hitting harder and running faster. The offensive line did a better job getting off the ball, holding their blocks and allowing our quarterback and running backs to gain yards.

     The defensive team swarmed to the ball, our middle linebackers plugged the center pushing the Wolves to the outside. Our outside linebackers and corners worked hard to keep the Wolves running backs from getting outside. It was great to see our kids working as a team, being good sports and supporting their teammates.

     Moments of Greatness: Running back Liam Schincke ran for two touchdowns (55 yards and 36 yards). Great Job! Linebacker Zaiden Hernadez intercepted a pass to stop the Wolves drive. Nice Work!

     At the end of the game whether you win or lose when kids are smiling, excited about the game of football and telling you they had a great day you know as a coach that your team is a success.

     Your coaching staff understands the enormous responsibility we have and we take it very serious. Thank you parents for the opportunity we as coaches have to be part of your child’s life. GO BEARS! – Coach Mercer

September 14, 2006

A great day of football for the Minor White Bears

The kids were fired up, the coaches excited and the parents as proud as they could be. The minor Olympia White Bears took the field. The offensive line worked hard against a much bigger defensive line and the running backs for the Bears pushed the ball up field. It was great to see the Bears working as a team, supporting each other and showing great sportsmanship.

     The Bears defensive squad worked hard making it extremely difficult for the Rams to run up the middle. Great penetration from the defensive line and linebackers forced the Rams to run outside, our corners worked hard to keep containment and on several occasions forced the running backs to turn back inside.

     GREAT MOMENTS of the game: With Liam Shincke as a lead blocker Zaiden Hernandez ran 35 yards from the line of scrimmage for this years first BEARS TOUCHDOWN! Quarterback Liam Murphy ran it in for the extra point. On the defensive side of the ball Michael Montello recovered a Rams fumble.

     The final score was not in the Bears favor however we all had fun did out best and most importantly held our heads high and displayed great sportsmanship. I’m very proud of our team and look forward to the rest of the season. GO BEARS!

-Coach Keith Mercer

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